Coins Specialist (Numismatist)

Job description

Coins Specialist (Numismatist)



Hours:37.5 hours each week Monday to Friday


Date: October 2018

Vintage Cash Cow is the easy way for people to sell their old stuff. People have cupboards, attics, lofts and garages full of wonderful old vintage items. If you don’t have them yourself, your parents surely will. There’s no fast and easy way to sell it all, so it sits in homes for years. This is why we created Vintage Cash Cow. So, people can simply pack up a box with all their old things and send it in for an immediate cash offer.


We have got ambitious plans for growth in the UK and European, which will be achieved in part through by maximising our revenue from goods sold.     


We now need a Coins Specialist.  Currently we receive around 1 tonne of mixed coins each month. At the start of 2019, we will be scaling up the business with an expectation of receiving 2 tonnes a month by March.


We are looking for

  • a coin collector or enthusiast;

    • with experience buying and selling coins;

    • who loves the idea of new product delivered daily for assessment;

    • With a view to selling on to another collector or enthusiast.

So, If you have been looking for a way to combine a passion and earning a steady income, this is the dream for job for you.

Who backs us?

Our team of active investors include the founders of We Transfer, Just Eat, Treatwell and So Wifi.

We have also raised significant investment from some of the most respected investors and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

In the role you will benefit from:

  • Working with a junior numismatist who works 1 day a week

  • Flexible working hours, 37.5 hours a week.

  • Free lunch

  • Free parking


You will be tasked to

  • Sort through cour mixed coins to categorise them;

  • Combine coins to make lots ready for sale on marketplaces including brief description;

  • Identify rare coins for auction that you believe will achieve far higher than an average selling price

  • Help level up the coins’ knowledge of others in our marketplace team